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To be fair, November, whilst not perfect in every sense, was fairly wave rich.  We we were lucky enough to enjoy some of the delights thrown up by the Atlantic near our workshop.  Very much keeping a clear mind.  Some of our crew however, took a different route further afield.  (Both before Lockdown 2.0 and during.)  Here’s a snippet of their story.

With so many river mouths, beaches and reef set ups to explore both nearby and far away, it’s always a good time to be a surfer.  Obviously, stresses can run high with more people in the water.  The same rules apply as they always have.  Seek and you shall find, be respectful and take your stuff home!

Big thanks to Frosty and Ash for shooting on Location.  Check out their portfolios via IG Here –

Frosty -@Frostyphoto

Ash – @Ashpowellphoto


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