Our Commitment

Sustainability – Super strong, economically built, great value, reduced impact and waste. Just to the commitments are three fold.

In our opinion, it isn’t as linear as just being ‘green’ and planting trees. Products need to stack up under the cold light of day. Utilising the very best materials within, or as near as possible, home nations, aids this movement. Of course, we aren’t the oracle, nor do we pertain to be leaders in our field. What we are though, is serious about making a difference, being part of a collective movement and voice of change, and we are made in Cornwall!

Behind the scenes, where it really matters, we are making choices against standard commercial activity and fast fashion.  See our Repairs section for more about that.

Style – ‘Individual timeless attitudes and designs, developed by industry professionals, bringing about the quality of standard you deserve’.

We work with the right people, building simple principles and clean aesthetic. Ultimately this creates a long-desired product.  The sort of thing we grew up wanting, wearing and needing.  Driven by stories, people and places. Current then, current today and still ready to go tomorrow.


Following on from our style driven, timeless approach, we have always searched for the right mix to develop a product that lasts. Utilising premium British materials and having a product that’s made in Cornwall, makes this a bit easier for us. A desire to create and innovate is one thing but where we add value is through problem solving. We are deeply passionate about getting the right thing to the right people. Our Vision has always been to “Inspire a love of nature, surf and outdoor activity through the best quality, sustainable gear and apparel.”

Seeing first hand how our hardware changes people’s outdoor experiences, whether at sea or on land, is what keeps us going. Made in Cornwall and proud of far we have come.