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Founder: Lee Newby

Stories from the Hippy Trail. I remember from an early age hearing about various trips through France, Portugal and Morocco. The pretty much daily commute to Croyde, North Devon. Mum had travelled with Jeff Townsley and crew from Circle One, for quite a few years in her early twenties. It was therefore obvious that on that beautiful Easter Friday, at Woolacombe beach, my life was changed forever.

It’s one hell of a cliché but so true, you never forget your first wave!

Lee NewbyRooted Ocean Founder

It’s one hell of a cliché but so true, you never forget your first wave. Mine was on a black boogie board. Soft plastic fins, small wrist leash and splashes of Fluro colour all over the deck. Dad by my side. Pushing me into green waves; they felt massive as I screamed into the beach.

Years have passed since that first introduction near my eighth birthday, but every aspect of my life since that day has been built on the foundation of surf and sea. And I am so thankful for it. Decisions on travel, university, family, work, all based on the notion that if the sea can be involved, it’ll be alright!

It’s why, back in 2016 (or around that time) I developed Rooted Ocean. With years of sewing and design in other jobs, coupled with some acquired business skills,  I set about launching the brand. I wanted to inspire people the way I had been inspired. Wanting to create timeless designs and gear that lasts and is fit for purpose. I wanted to revisit the culture of my youth (one which has sadly, in many ways been forgotten) and display them through useable kit for everyday folk looking to have fun.

A few years on, we are still learning, developing and searching. Our workshop up at Efford Farm Business Park in Bude, the home to our creations.

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