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Taking the time to look around is often overlooked, the small things on the daily commute not seen, and instead, searched for on longer travels.  The practice of seeing what’s on your doorstep is exactly that, a practice.  They need to be built into the daily life.

We’re really lucky here at RO, our workshop nestled neatly into the North Cornish Cliffs with the beaches only a short walk away.  You’d think then, with that in mind, we’d be all over our daily practice of fresh air and appreciation.  To be honest though, it’s still easy to get caught up in the daily grind.  Projects running over, photo shoots not coming together on time, the weather not allowing!  So, last Friday, we took charge, re addressing the balance for a lunch break adventure.

Packing some of our trusted gear we headed for the cliffs.  The pressures of deadlines and workshop problems slipping into the offshore breeze.  Immediately re-energised, frowns turning to smiles and belly laughs we walked a section of footpath and climbed down to the beach.

A tiny swell running and a pushing tide meant only a short while before we would have to make our way back up the ridge and on to the cliff, unless we wanted a swim.  But that is what we came for, a short break from the day, a chance to check back in with nature.

It’s amazing what you see or notice when you stop to look.  Rock formations in cliff lines catching the low afternoon light.  Staring out to sea, sat on the Little Traveller, I could see right out past the Dizzard, light flashes both near and far.  Amazing!

Before we knew it, we were en route back to the workshop.  Full of newly refreshed creativity for designs and ready to close out the day.  Thanks for reading, and feel free to send us your daily motivators and practices, we love to hear them.


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