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Repairs Warranty

Firstly, thanks for checking out the Rooted Ocean Brand. We build gear that fits our vision; to inspire a love of nature, surf, and outdoor activity. We do this by building the best quality gear and apparel. Products that you can not only rely on but will keep you excited to get out there and use.

Our Repairs Warranty

We invest time and effort into creating items that will carry the kind of timeless style you expect from a British Makers Brand.

Using the best materials, forming sustainable values, and answering sometimes hard questions about what we are delivering.  We believe that Rooted Ocean Lifetime Gear stands for a new movement in the industry. 

We make the products you enjoy, and inspire you, in Bude, North Cornwall.  Our Team is small and slowly growing.  Handing back skills to local people and thus solidifying itself in the community.  

When you buy a piece of RO Lifetime Gear, you can guarantee it has been made in Bude by the team!  We take extra time to think about the design, extra time to build it and finally extra time to check it before it goes out to you (in recycled packaging).

Because of this, it is unlikely you will experience any issues.  However, to fulfil our continued commitments that we track ourselves on, you will receive 12/18 months free repair warranty.  Depending on the item.  This is on the tag/product page of our site. 

See our Terms Conditions on returning Lifetime Gear:

What are the Rooted Ocean warranties?

1 Year

18 Months


Carry All


Surfboard Bags 

Changing Robes

Changing Mats


See Standard Returns Policy

Merely by buying from Rooted Ocean you will enter our in-house repairs scheme to keep that piece of gear going strong for years to come. 

Sign up here if you are yet to do so.

What does this mean?

The following is our repairs price list*

As an automatic member of our in-house repairs scheme you will get 20% off this price on any repairs required on any gear.

We hope you enjoy your purchase.  Use it, tag us and we will share your story too!

Happy Adventuring.

Lee and Matt

*subject to checking and confirming repair.

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The ‘Lifetime Gear’ range features our flagship products and key to our sustainable beliefs.


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