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All of you wonderful planet friendly and ocean conscious beasts out there will probably already know that today, 8th June 2022, marks World Ocean Day; a day dedicated to empowering and educating individuals, communities and countries to make those little changes with massive and lifelong consequences.

Right now, world leaders are making crucial decisions about the future of our one and only planet. Worldwide, scientists have agreed that the health of our ocean is a critical cog in our biodiversity crisis.

To create a healthy ocean with abundant wildlife and to stabilise the climate, it is essential that 30% of our planet’s lands, waters and oceans are protected by 2030. This 30 X 30 movement has been pledged by 90 plus countries worldwide – AMAZING!!! If you want to take part, you can take action and sign the pledge here.

Like World Ocean Day, Rooted Ocean was formed out of our inspiration from, and rising concern for our land, waters and oceans. Since 2017 we’ve been massively focusing on gear repairs and our staple ‘Lifetime Gear’ range, as well as continually tweaking our product materials, production processes and making gear for local projects, aiming to align our actions with our massive love and respect for our planet.

We realise that communicating with you guys hasn’t always been a strong point of ours, and for that we apologies! But just like those little changes we’ve been making to our actions, products and services, we feel that World Ocean Day is the perfect day to also pledge that from here on in we will keep you updated regularly with our planet loving, Rooted Ocean happenings. So we think telling you guys about our longest standing local project we have been working with is a good place to start.

2 Minute Beach Clean

We all have undoubtedly heard of the curse of the single-use festival tent (but if you haven’t), in the UK a quarter of a million of the things are abandoned and make their way to landfill from festivals each year. And of course, you ocean dwellers will no doubt have daily first-hand experience of the ever growing plastic plague hitting our shores worldwide.

To help hit these two big birds with one very large stone, we have been working alongside the 2 Minute Beach Clean to develop a way of giving these tents a second life and help to clean the beaches across UK and parts of Europe.

Volunteer groups helping to clean post-festival sites, have sent hundreds of tents our way over the last three years to transform them into beach clean bags. The 2 Minute Beach Clean then distribute them to beach clean stations at beaches and waterways for caring individuals to borrow, fill and dump in recycling points, before replacing the bags at the stations.

To get involved with this amazing project visit

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