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Regenerating Loved Gear

Celebrating the scars of travel and wear. We provide a visible repairs service for all repair work — from small tears on your favourite backpack to a blown zip wetsuit repair.


We live in a fast paced consumer driven society; sadly, one which is residing on a single use culture. It needs to be stopped for the good of our collective energies and obviously the good of the planet. It was this headspace that brought us back to wetsuit repairs and repairing other brands merch — keeping gear from landfill.

Negating the need to throw away

We have always offered a surf and wetsuit repair service, but it was originally intended for our own gear. All of our hardware comes with a repairs warranty for 12 – 18 months, depending on the product. We now also turn unwanted gear into unique products for the guys at 2 Minute Beach Clean, a charity we very much believe in!

Economically built — reducing impact

Here you’ll find some examples of common repair work including jacket patches, board bag zips, wetsuit repairs and other issues that we see through the workshop. Please remember we repair all work ourselves by hand. Very rarely do repairs work out the same and as such we work on a turnaround of two weeks.

We also offer a full repairs scheme for our own products and equipment. Building gear and equipment in Cornwall allows us to be extremely critical in terms of quality control. We understand that at times it will need a pep up. With this in mind we offer a reduced price for all Rooted Ocean equipment under our gear warranty*.

  • Zip Replacement
  • Outer Shell
  • Tear Repairs
  • Strap Replacement
  • Jacket Repairs
  • Zip Replacements
  • Tear Repairs
  • Trouser Patching
  • Tear Repairs
  • Zip Replacements
  • Knee Pad Repairs
  • Full overhaul
  • Backpack Patches
  • Bag Restrap
  • Awning/Tent Patch
  • Plus Much More!

Made in Cornwall and proud of far we have come

“I got a 9ft Boardbag, Dry Robe & insulated jacket repaired by Rooted Ocean. I was so impressed with the repairs they did and would definitely recommend. Really kind and friendly people too!”

Jennifer SnellBoardbag & Wetsuit Repair

“Purchased one of the Cleave Knapsacks from their lifetime range over 6 months ago, incredible needlework and after a load of surf/wakeboarding it is withstanding the test of tough love incredibly!”

Zoe GascoynePurchase

“I ordered 2 custom boardbags, one for an 11’6 & the other for a 9’8. The professionalism & advice received throughout the order process was second to none & the bags have absolutely exceeded expectations!”

Richard MintonCustom Boardbag


How long will my repair take?

We generally work on a two week turn around. However, our busy periods for jackets and wetsuit repairs tend to be December to February and gear repairs through the summer. During these times our turnaround period may increase to 3-4 weeks. We will always keep you in the loop regardless.

Do you repair Robe or event Robe Jackets?

Yes! We offer a full re-zipping and patching service for all jackets, robes, coats etc. Book your repair with the form and we’ll get back to you.

Can you repair my Board bag?

Absolutely, we build a range of board bags here in Bude and therefore are perfectly set up for sorting repairs of any kind — re-zipping or otherwise.

Do you wash and Re-proof outerwear?

Unfortunately, at this stage we don’t offer a re-proofing service. We can absolutely advise on the best options. We have years of experience working in the outdoor arena and you will get some great advice to go on with. Do keep checking back to see if this changes though.

Can you Repair my Tent, Awning, Gazebo etc?

Yes.  Drop us a repair form and we’ll get back to you with options and prices. Also, if you are on holiday and need a quick turnaround we have options for you.

I need my wetsuit repair for the next swell, can I skip the queue?

Generally speaking we try to keep our wetsuit repairs to a 2 week turnaround. If you need your gear in a hurry, due to swell charts, holidays etc we can usually accommodate for a small surcharge.

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