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Rooted in the heart of Cornwall, UK, our lifetime gear including our handmade British backpacks focus on quality, durability, and environmental responsibility. What sets us apart is the unwavering commitment to producing all our gear locally, meticulously crafting every piece in-house. Learn more below and explore the inspiring story behind Rooted Ocean and our dedication to producing top-notch gear right in Cornwall.

Rooted Ocean was founded by two individuals, Lee and Matt, who share a profound love for the outdoors and a deep connection to Cornwall. Their passion for the environment and British craftsmanship ignited the idea of creating durable, sustainable gear in our home town of Bude, Cornwall. 

The rugged beauty of Cornwall served as a constant source of inspiration for us. Cornwall, with its breath taking coastline and dramatic landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for the creation of gear designed to withstand the elements. 

British made and Sewn – The Heart of Rooted Ocean

One of the core aspects of Rooted Ocean is our commitment to producing all the Lifetime gear in Cornwall and creating everything in-house. Our hands-on approach to manufacturing ensures that every product is crafted with the utmost care, using the highest quality British materials.

The “Made in Cornwall” label signifies more than just a point of origin. It is  a key part of our  dedication to supporting the local economy and minimising our carbon footprint. By keeping production close to home, we reduce the need for long-distance transportation and support local artisans and businesses, fostering a sense of community and sustainability.

Sewn in House – A Mark of Quality

All our gear is sewn in-house by a team of skilled and passionate makers. This not only ensures quality control but also allows for customization and attention to detail that mass-produced items simply can’t match.

By sewing everything in-house, we can offer tailored solutions to our customers. Whether it’s custom sizing, unique colour choices, or personalised features, this approach allows us to cater to individual needs while maintaining the highest quality standards. Each piece of gear is made to last a lifetime, which is a vast contrast to the prevailing fast fashion culture that generates immense waste.

Sustainable Materials for a Sustainable Future

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond local production to the materials we use. We strive to source eco-friendly, durable, and high-quality British materials, ensuring that our gear not only stands the test of time but also leaves a minimal environmental footprint. With waterproof canvas from Hallay Stevensons and quilting from Caledonian quilts we are keeping our resources as close as possible. Read more about our materials HERE.

Keeping our Ethical Compass pointing the right way

A core pillar of Rooted Ocean is ethical responsibility. They are not just a company focused on profits; they aim to make a positive impact on their community and the world. Rooted Ocean supports local charities, community projects, and environmental initiatives. Their gear embodies a sense of responsibility, inspiring users to cherish and preserve the environment that inspired its creation.

In an industry marred by exploitation and unethical practices, Rooted Ocean is a shining example of how a business can thrive while maintaining a strong moral compass.

British Made backpacks, Crafted in Cornwall and built to last

Our lifetime gear isn’t just about the purchase. With our lifetime guarantee you’re investing in something that’s built to last. It’s more than just gear; it’s a piece of Cornwall’s heart and a commitment to a sustainable future.

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