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Founded by a team of avid surfers and ocean enthusiasts our focus is on creating high-quality, eco-friendly and branded by us products that reflect our love for the sea while minimising the impact on it.

Our core values include sustainability, craftsmanship, and a deep connection to the ocean. These are seamlessly woven into every aspect of our business, including our in-house branded merchandise.

Organic Materials

We primarily use Organic materials for our in-house branded merchandise. From our iconic t-shirts to jackets and shirts, you’ll find the products are made from materials that are good for the planet.

Ethical Production

We ensure that our partners and stockists of garments are carefully selected to ensure fair wages and ethical labour practices, creating merchandise that’s not just sustainable but also socially responsible. Read more about our ethical sourcing HERE

Artistic Expression

The design of Rooted Ocean’s merchandise is a mixture of subtle branding as well as some designs from local artists that are a bit more prominent on the garment. Each piece showcases the ocean’s magnificence and connection to our lives. We work with artists/designers that reflect the vibrant life of the sea and inspire a deeper connection to it.

T-Shirts/Shirts/Jackets: our t-shirts are more than just clothing; they’re a statement of allegiance to the ocean. Made from organic materials and branded with designs and colourways that reflect our connection to the world around us.

Hats and Accessories: Our beanie and cap range is always growing from hand knitted chunky beanies to surf caps. We have Merino wool beanies which are natural fibres that are breathable, soft, lightweight as well as canvas mesh caps that are made from. All our headwear comes with subtle Rooted Ocean branding which is branded in house by us. 

Our in-house branded merchandise is more than a collection of products; it’s an invitation to join the crew of like minded adventure seekers. It’s an opportunity to show your love for the ocean and your commitment to its preservation. Are you a local graphic designer/artist and want to be involved in working with us on a design? Get in contact with us

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