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As we all sit here and ponder how good life was Pre Covid-19. Our heart goes out to all those affected.
Our love for all those on the front line helping to fight this dreadful virus.
Down in the South West we are privileged.  During our daily outings we get to experience our wonderful outdoors and all of natures offerings.

From Stunning coastlines filled with imposing cliffs, hiding little reefs and sandy beaches to woodlands with gorgeous wild flowers, creeks and towering age-old trees.

NorthCott Beach Cornwall

Walking these places help lift our spirits through troubling times. Bringing peace to our minds and a much needed break from the monotony of isolation.

We are truly lucky to live down here and take advantage of it every day.
Here is a run of shots from our daily positivity.

Remember, be kind to others, help where you can and most importantly.
Stay Safe.

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