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World Ocean Day is Saturday 8 June and is an annual celebration that aims to catalyse collective action for a healthy ocean and a stable climate.

We love everything about the ocean – so much that we included it as part of our name! For us, it’s one of the world’s most important resources and something that we need to fight hard to protect, so it can be enjoyed by all, for generations to come.

World Ocean Day is powered by the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council – a group of around 140 young people from 60 countries across the globe.

It’s been recognised by the United Nations since 2008 and despite being an annual celebration, there is a push to ensure that people are taking action all year round to help preserve our oceans. They call this campaign ‘12 Months of Action‘.

Some of the ways that they recommend you can take action include:

  • Learn more about the ocean and climate
  • Explore environmental justice
  • Demand a strong Global Plastics treaty
  • Support the High Seas Treaty ratification.

Taking action

OK you’ve decided you do want to take more action, but where do you start? As well as using the resources offered by World Ocean Day, there’s already some other amazing people and organisations out there who are campaigning and celebrating our ocean and the surrounding environment.

We’re lucky to have our workshop in Bude, a town that is full of passionate people who want to enjoy everything the ocean has to offer. We thought it worthy to mention a few of them here…

The 2 Minute Foundation

Founded by Martin Dorey and based in Bude, this national charity are environmental educators, highlighting the detrimental effects that plastics have on the environment.

Their campaigns include #2MinuteBeachClean, which started back in 2013 from a simple hashtag. It encourages those who live near the ocean to take 2 minutes to clean up their beloved beaches and coastline.

We’ve been supporting this charity for several years, including making beach clean bags from discarded tents for them to sell in their shop.

Learn more about the 2 Minute Foundation.

Bude Sea Pool

Bude Sea Pool is a semi-natural amenity that has provided a haven for free and safe bathing and other water-based activities since the 1930s.

Keeping the pool safe and accessible for people to enjoy is the responsibility of the Friends of Bude Sea Pool, a charity run by local volunteers. This charity receives no regular Town, Council or central government funding and therefore relies on the generosity of those who visit and use it.

The pool is popular with both locals and visitors alike, providing a wonderful way of immersing yourself in salt water, without having to get in the sea itself.

We supply towelling robes for them to sell in their online shop to raise valuable funds.

Bude Climate Partnership

Bude Climate Partnership are a community interest company (CIC) who a working on positive climate-change projects to future-proof the Bude area.

They are a group of local environmental organisations working together to develop positive community-led climate-change responses.

They run a series of projects, some of which are directly related to the ocean and surrounding habitats.

Playing a part

As well as supporting organisations like the ones above, we also aim to play our part in a small way with our repairs service.

Many people in the UK spend time in the ocean in some way, whether surfing, swimming, paddleboarding and more. Due to our climate, people are typically wearing a wetsuit and after frequent use these can wear – whether that’s a rip in the neoprene or a zip that breaks.

We believe that if we can repair it, then it prevents wastage and the resulting environmental impact that brings.

To quote our own Matt when recently discussing the topic: “the sustainability of the ocean begins on land“.

To find out more about World Ocean Day, including lists of events and ideas on how you can take action, visit

And remember the mantra of World Ocean Day – One ocean, one climate, one future – together.

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